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Women struggle with the years all their lives

Yellowish complexion
Cutis laxa
Coarse pore
Freckle problem
Supply of Home beauty devices solution.
Ultrasonic cleaning beauty instrument
Ultrasonic water mist turns into small bubbles, splits excess oiand dirt into small granular vibration waves,
and vibrates themaway to the skin surface to achieve deep cleaning.
MZ01-Led Phototherapy face mask -This product has:
RED/Infrared ray, BLUE Light, and YELLOW Light, with a total of 216 medical grade beauty beads, have the effects of repairing and firming the skin, brightening and rejuvenating the skin, and providing elasticity and firmness.
The uniqueness that distinguishes it from other products in the market is:
1: The main face mask and eye mask of the product are all made of food grade liquid silicone material, with the world's first in mold injection molding process, no odor, and no side effects on the skin;
2: The lightest and thinnest in the entire market, weighing only 0.093KG, with no pressure when worn;
3: Capable of adapting to various facial shapes, including size, obesity, and thinness;
4: For ordinary facial mask instrument, the product is tied tightly with straps, and the lamp beads are close to the face, so the illumination of the lamp beads is very uneven, while the MMZ01 product is suspended on the face, and the distance between the lamp beads and the face is even, the illumination is even, and the effect is better;
5: IP68 waterproof rating, easy to clean and protect;
6: Foldable for easy storage;
7: Non stick to dust, anti-static.
OEM/Customized supporting  
EMS、RF 、Vibration Massage IP65 Waterproof 2400MAH long working time
Home Use Radio frequency
Facial therapy beauty lamp
Skin Tightening, Acne Treatment, Wrinkle Remover, Skin Rejuvenation, Whitening, Weight Loss, Firming
48 led 192 beams of light Secondary optical lens, making light energy more focused New in February 2024
4-color LED phototherapy

Secondary optical lens

48 leds 192 beams of light
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